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    Getting 303 error


      I'm at initial level in BMC remedy. I'm getting 303 error while creating application and saving it on my server. The error is : Form does not exist on server.and again when i save it shows error : The specified container already exists : 12,  8810,  12 . I'm creating it after changing the mode in Base developement mode. I'm using 7.6.04 BMC ARS. Please Help.




      Nitesh Kumar

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          Hi Nitesh - Thanks for contacting us. I'm forwarding your question on the BMC product to the BMC Remedy Product forum where you can meet the gurus.

          Also think about joining us for the first of its kind India Remedy User group in Bangalore where you'll actually F2F with experts and get a chance to meet the 'Father of Remedy', Doug Mueller himself, what say?

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            Hi Nitesh




            Can you please elaborate it, My question


            1) Are you creating CMDB CI  ( Apllication ) if so do the follwing steps


            Open the form Schema Names, you can open it through Application Administration Console -> Custom Configuration -> Asset Mgmt -> Advanced ->Sync Asset UI with CMDB.


            Perform a search on that form, if the form AST:Aplication   form is available in the list, check the following attributes on the record and put it over here in the further posts



            • Has Asset UI
            • Look up keyword
            • User Class Name01... at the bottom of the screen in Asset tab.


            one more thing  need to check  if the sync for AST:Apllication form is complete.


            Open the Application Pending form and search for any CMDB sync pending entries.


            Later Create application CI.