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    Error while installing admin console on Windows machine..

    Sachin Aru

      Hi Team,


                  I am trying to install admin console(8.6.02) on windows(2k8).There are three users for the machine. Admin.M0428,Administrator.M0428, and AD user


                 I login as Administrator.M0428 to install the admin console, still its showing me an error as "Require 100MB temp


                 space for C:\user\Administrator.M0428\AppData\local\temp "


                  Why it require 100MB space for admin user though, I login as Administrator  ?








        • 1. Error while installing admin console on Windows machine..

          From the picture you attached, it looks like it is requiring 100MB free space for the Administrator user.


          It's using short (8.3) filenames, and Administrator.M0428 gets condensed into ADMINI~1.M04, as shown in the attachment.


          Regardless, the system needs 100MB of space and you have 0.  Free up some space and it will work.



          • 2. Error while installing admin console on Windows machine..
            Brian Morris

            To add to what Evan said (obviously check your disk space first...) It's showing 0 disk space available, which sometimes indicates a permissions problem when the disk space reported isn't true.  Make sure that you own the directory and executable that you're trying to run, that all BPPM pre-installation checks were passed, and right click the executable and choose run as administrator if it's available. 


            The executable could also be corrupted if it's reporting the wrong amount of disk, maybe download a new copy?