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How to perform analysis job for specific AIX patch in BBSA 8.0?

Samsung BSM

Suppose take one scenario,


I want to apply the specific patch on AIX 5.2 from previous patch level to AIX 5.2 10-08-0930.


Required Actions using BBSA 8.0:

1. Installed VPC 8.0 on BBSA.

2. Download the patches for AIX 5.2 10-08-0930


Analysis steps:

1. Open the Patch Analysis Job

2. Select target server

3. Select Parameter tab


Parameters tab.JPG

4. In the Policy class if we specify Class://SystemObject/AIX_Patching/5.2/Levels/5200-10-08

Does it mean that i need to create instance (5200-10-08) in custom property class or something else?

If not then how can I do analysis job for specific patch level.

cust prop class1.JPG




thnx in adv.