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    Collecting Microsoft licensing information with BSA

      I need to collect Microsoft licensing information for compliance, specifically for various versions of SQL server. (Of note especially for Microsoft SQL Server is that it can take into account the number of cores, processors, clients, connections, etc.) Previously we used a custom VBS script that collected the relevant WMI information and used SMS to fetch the WMI class. However, we are using migrating from SMS to BSA 8.0 sp11 (and then to BSA 8.2 sp 1, this summer) and the problem is that SMS has built-in WMI class fetching but BSA does not.


      I have been trying to write an NSH script that will collect the WMI information but so far have had no success. I have a couple of questions:


      1) Is there a way to get BladeLogic to fetch and interprete WMI class information, either via an NSH script or any other method?


      2) Completely changing the way we currently work now, is there any way for BSA or even BDSSA to collect and report licensing information for Microsoft server software, especially for SQL Server, for a department and/or an enterprise (and/or a company in a multi-tenant BladeLogic implementation)?