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    Integration/Export Configuration Data

      Does anyone know if it's possible to export or integrate the data that is collected from the discovery portion of bbca?  I would specifically like to integrate with Service Now CMDB if anyone knows if it's possible.


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          young so

          To understand your question correctly.  You want the servcie table data in BBCA merge into CMDB right?

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            No, I want to export the data that is collected from BBCA and import that into my Service-Now CMDB.  (www.service-now.com)

            I could also integrate the two if BBCA allows for their data to be accessible via web services.


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              young so

              What information you want to export from the BBCA?  Please provided fields you want to see.  For example:


              service status.GIF


              If you want to export something like that above: 


              sqlcmd -S myServer -d myDB -E -Q "select distinct inv_machine.name machine_name, inv_service.name, inv_service.status from inv_service, inv_machine where inv_service.machine_id = inv_machine.id" -o "MyData.txt"  (assuming you have MSSQL)


              Would be sql statement.  For what your doing; you have to write a program to export the data and imported into the service now CMDB.  Or you could take a look at AIE does intergration with Service Now CMDB but, I would doubt that BMC would create a such connector.  Hope this helps.