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    Characters problems in Portuguese ITSM 7.6.04 SP2 installation.

    Wagner Chagas



      I had a problem after install Portuguese ITSM 7.6.04 SP2 I verified that menus, reports, messages and others components are characters problems, these problems happen only in Portuguese interface.



      In Portuguese, characters like "ç, ~, ´, ` and ^" are very common, in ITSM application all of them been replaced by others characters.


      For example:


      In the first case, it should show "Gerenciamento de Mudança", but the character "ç" was changed to others characters.The same not occurs in ARS. In image above (Aplicações) "Applications" bar is correct.


      Environment Details:


      •    SO: Windows Server 2008

      •    BMC Remedy ARS: 7.6.04 SP2

      •    BMC Remedy ITSM: 7.6.04 SP2

      BMC Remedy DB SERVER:

      •    SO: Windows Server 2008

      •    MS SQL Server: 2008

      BMC Remedy Mid-Tier:

      •    SO: Windows Server 2008

      •    BMC Remedy ARS Mid-Tier: 7.6.04 SP2


      •    SO: Microsoft Windows XP

      •    Browser: Firefox 10, IE 9


      Best Regads


      Wagner Chagas