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Issue with attachment in KB article in RKM

APS NameToUpdate

Hi All,


I am facing issue with attachment in KB article in RKM 7.1.

An attached file in the knowledge base opens or saves as a ZIP file.

If a file with a four digit extension, example DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, etc, is attached to a KB article then the file cannot be open from the KB.

When you click on Save or Open the KB treats the file as a ZIP file. So it tries to extract the file.  After saving the file when trying to open it tries to extract the file.

If I save the file to an older version so it has a 3 digit extension like .doc, .xls, or ppt, then I can open it properly.  It has to do with the 4 digit extensions.


Please suggest me if any solution is possible.



Ajay Vats