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    While Auto-Remediation, Why BSA create a Copy of BLPackage for Remediation?

    Aryan Anantwar

      Hi Friends,


      In a test case, i am doing compliance on password policies.


      If any changes found after compliance job, i have set the Auto-Remediation option set to yes.


      but in the rule where i validate the Password Policies, i have to assign an BLPackage which contains the appropriate file for remediation.


      When we create an Compliance Job, it also asks for the new BLPackage Name, BLApackage Deploy Job Name etc.


      After seeing the result of it, i came to know that , when the result comes Non-Complaint it creates a copy of the BLPackage assigned in Compliance Rule with the name which we assigned in Compliance Job.



      My Confusion is,

      If we have assgined an BLPackage for remediation, then why it creates a new copy of it, instead of deploying the assigned BLPackage.




      Dnyaneshwar Anantwar