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    Configuration import !!!

    Rahul Wagh..

      Hi All,


      i am trying to Import Configuration (Network --> Import/Export -> Configuration Import)

      when i run the Job where destination: import as Target configurations or as Templates it works successfully !! but when i check the output of that job it won't affect in my environment.


      like if Destination as Target configurations it wont affect in the device target configuration nor for the Templates as well (wont affect in Templete)


      please can any one suggest me on that.






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          Rahul V. Bhadane

          Which BBNA version you are using..?


          I just checked in my test environment.. and it works..  I am using BBNA 8.2.0



          Template extension would be .tmp , so in Match Filenames tab write *.tmp instead of *.cfg

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            Rahul Wagh..

            Hi Rahul,


            i am  using BBNA 8.1.02,

            when i run import job as Templete OR as Target configaration it runs successfully ! but i won't understood where does it affecting or Stored [i have checked in device configuration as well as in Templete also] !!

            could you tellme where it stores that imported configuration in BBNA app server ?

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              Rahul V. Bhadane

              It should show u in template if you run the job as template.


              Let me givee you an idea,


              I pasted two backup files named test1.tmp and test2.tmp in D:\bca-networks-data\configs folder,



              Then i ran Configuration Import Task,



              source directory - D:/BCA-Networks-Data/configs

              match filenames -  *.tmp

              destination - Import as a template


              It worked for me... try the same at ur end, let me know if u need any help..

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                Rahul V. Bhadane

                After done with the config import, it will directly reflect in templates... test1 and test2 in my case...

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                  Rahul Wagh..

                  Hi Rahul,


                  thank you for your quick reply .

                  source Directory path C:/BCA-Networks-Data/configs stores configurations files which are exported by BBNA app server with extension *.cfg .  isn't it ?

                  and like you said i have also tried your way of importing with *.tmp . runs successfully on both 8.1.02 And 8.2.00 !! but it wont create any templete in Templete for respective name where same for import as Target configuration!!

                  suggest !

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                    Rahul V. Bhadane

                    It should have to work... u r performing the steps in rt way and u r getting successful notification as well..


                    Better way you open a case with Support.. and let us know the suggestion once you solve this..