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      the normalization engine cannot creates a new entry within the Product Catalog when enable allow new product catloge in NE??

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          Is that product getting normalized? Does that class exists in Class Configuration?(check the class configuration : Configuration Editor-> Class Configuration->Class Name)


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          Abhijit Valvekar

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            where i found the Class Configuration??

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              Go to NE Console -> Open Edit Configuration -> Class Configuration.


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              Abhijit Valvekar

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                the class config to normlaize and exit in class config,,but the problem still

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                  If I understood it correctly.. your class exists in Class Configuration. In this case could you please provide below details –



                  1.       Job details –  Inline Mode/Batch Mode/Continues Mode (on which mode you are performing the operation?)


                  a.       If your job is set to Inline Mode : CI will get normalized at the time of creation and  new entry gets created in PC.(If allow new PC is checked)


                  b.      Batch Mode – New entry  gets  created in PC after execution of batch job


                  c.       Continues Mode – new entry gets created in PC at run time.


                  2.       NE Status : Does the CI’s getting normalized?


                  3.       Logs – Please provide the NE logs so we can debug the issue.


                  Also, Please check your attributes  Type,Item,Product Name, Manufacture Name, Market Version and Version Number.


                  If there is incorrect data then it would result NE failure, in this case no any new entry will create in PC.


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                  Abhijit Valvekar

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                    where i found the NE status

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                      You can enable it by using Dev Studio. Open any form like BMC_Product from Dev Studio, Go to Form Menu-> Add/Remove Fields in View -> Select “NormalizationStatus” from Fields Not in View -> add to filed in View -> Save it. Now the NormalizationStatus field will be visible on your BMC_Product form. (If you want to check the status on multiple class then make it enable on BMC_BaseElement)


                      You also check the Normalization Status in the log file, Search with the String “NormalizationStatus”.


                      I would refer you to check the Normalization Guide for configurations/Settings.


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                      Abhijit Valvekar