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Jim Crosby

I know it is possible, so please give me some hints as to how I can clear or zero out InstaCalc fields in workspaces.  For example, I have a field that has a formula to analyze ROMs.  I want it to return to zero if the elements it uses to do its analysis are either deleted or zeroed out.  Thanks in advance.

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    Evans Martin

    You can default empty fields to zero when you set up the formula.



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    Jim Crosby

    Thanks for that answer, but that doesn't work in this case.  I have that box checked with a default value of zero (0).  That "Instacalc" field still keeps the totals even after all other inputs have been cleared/zeroed......  How do I clear the Instacalc field ?  What setting am I missing ?

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    David Brown

    You can use an escalation to call an external script that uses mrSetField.pl to set a field value.


    On my server I created a folder called scripts in the Fooptints\CGI directory.


    In your escalation call your script like so:


    C:\FootPrints\cgi\Scripts\Batch\SCRIPTNAME.bat %%MRID%% %%PROJID%%


    Use the following line in your batch file to set a fields value.  To zero the field, don't put anything between the value quotes.


    Start c:\FootPrints\bin\Perl\bin\perl.exe c:\FootPrints\bin\mrSetField.pl %1 "FIELDNAME" "VALUE" %2

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    Jim Crosby

    Thank you David !!!!!!  This is what I needed......