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    Upgrade from SIM 7.3 to SIM 7.4?

      Hi everyone,


      I have the following BMC Suite:


      BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.8.00_Build_298  patch 20  (BPM Portal)

      BMC BIP 7.3.01 Rollup GA Patch

      BMC SIM BEM 7.3.01 (patch: PABIM.

      BMC ARS 7.5 patch 6 (Remedy ITSM)

      BMC CMDB 7.6.00 patch 002


      CMDB and Remedy will be upgraded to v. 7.6.04

      I want to upgrade to SIM/BEM 7.4 because v. 7.3 has now limited support.


      Is there any document where the upgrade 7.3 to 7.4 is described?

      Will I need to upgrade BPM Portal too?


      Thanks in advance.


      Kind Regards,