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    PE - Zenworks integration for Netware capacity planning

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      Our Netware folks are evaluating deployment of ZenWorks for servers to manage Netware Nodes (up to 700). Part of the solution includes snmp-based alerting and performance monitoring. ZenWorks provides snmp-based performance variables. It also collects performance data on regular intervals but only stores the data locally in a proprietry format which is available at the console upon ad hoc investigation/reporting requests only. i.e. there is no centralized repository for performance data. I am tasked with evaluating the possibility of using Patrol Express to regularly collect performance data from netware servers where zenworks for servers agents are deployed. This data will subsequently be pulled from PE repository to a global capacity management database in order to perform statistical capacity analyses and reporting.

      The problem is my knowledge of the two products is limited. I am not even sure if this is a possibility.

      As a starting point I would like to know, what would be the requirements on Patrol Express end that Zenwork snmp agents must meet to make an integration as a possibility. Once I have this info I can work through netware folks to see if those requirements are met and decide subsequent steps.

      Some other questions:

      Has anyone else looked into such similar integration of PE to another snmp-based tool especially in Netware area? and if so can guide me to the process/documentation to follow ?

      What can be the problems with such solution, if at all possible ?

      Would it need development efforts (other than pulling data out of Patrol Express database) ?

      Can there be other alternatives ..Patrol for Netware ?.I have heard that it has issues that can impact the systems it is managing ? Is it stable and can it relay performance data on regular intervals to a centralized repository?

      Thanks a bunch for any info you can provide.