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    Feature Request: Audit and Remote Control License Count

    Alejandro Araujo

      During a recent training session, the question cropped up of how to determine how many Audit and Remote Control Licences we have left available.


      We all know that if we go to "About Track-It", we get a list of all the purchased licenses. But the list does not show how many of these are being used, and how many are still available.


      In the Adminsitrator Console we can see how many User and Self Service license are assigned, and how many are free.  However, there is no similar feature available for the count of Audit and Remote Control Licenses.


      Sure, you can see how many assets have been audited, and substract that number from the total number of licenses owned. A relatively minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nevertheless.


      However, I was told today by a support agent that the only way to find out how many Remote Control Licenses have been assigned, is to go to the database, and run a query against the "Workstat" Table, Field:"RCenabled".

      Seriously??? To me, now, that is a major inconvenience!


      I suggest that the "About Track-It" list should show not only the total number of licenses owned, but also how many of each are assigned, and how many are free. It is a lot easier for the customer to know that way when they're getting close to needing more licenses, or when they need to free up a few unused licenses. Even better, Track-It should be able to generate alerts, letting the administrator know they're about to run out of licenses!


      It just doesn't make sense  that the only way in which most customers find out that they're short of audit licenses, and the only way in which all customers find out they've run out of Remote Control licenses is when they start getting errors!