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Maintenance Schedules without assets

* Evenstar *

Hi, as suggested on another post, I was trying to test the Maintenance Schedule functionality to see if it could be used for recurrent tasks.  The kicker is that some of these tasks would not relate to CIs in the system (for example the annual renewal of licenses, or the surplus of our monitors every 3 years)


Anyways - I created a maintanance schedule with a CI, and one without.  And I only got a reminder for the one with a CI related.


Is there any way to make this work for a maintanance shedule NOT related to an asset?

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    Jon Hall

    Sorry it's taken a while to respond to this one.


    Currently, the records which generate the notifications (which live on the form AST:Schedule View) are only created once assets are related to the schedule.  So for now, it'd need customization to set this up to notify on non-asset-populated schedules.    


    I hope this clarifies, apologies for the delay in answering.

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    * Evenstar *

    That's alright, thank you Jon for confirming.  We decided to just make sure all our schedules related to an asset, even if it had to be a 'dummy' asset like 'G type monitors' or something.