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    ITSM 7.1 - How to Re-Open a Closed Change Request

      We have recently migrated to ITSM 7.1 (yes I know, we're just a bit behind the current release) and don't seem to be able to re-open any Chnage Requests after they have been moved to a Status of 'Closed'. We receive the following error message: "You do not have permission to move to the status of  "xxxxx". (ARERR 1441120)" regardless of which user or status we are trying to movethe Change Request to.


      Should there be a way for me to re-open a closed Change Request, or is this not allowed due to the Process Flow Status associated with Change Requests?


      Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

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          Hi George,


          The allowed response time depends on how the application administrator

          configured the BMC Remedy Change Management application. The default is 10

          days. If the requester is not satisfied with the change request, the requester can

          reopen it. The change manager is notified that the request is reopened, and must






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            Hi Snehal, thanks for the response. I've checked the Application Administration Console, and see that under Change Management->Advanced Options->Rules there is a default rule that appears to auto-close a change after 10 days. Is this the same defaulkt setting you are referring to?


            I created a test change request, stepped it throught the various Status states using the Process Flow Status bar, and moved it into the Closed status. Once I do this, I don't seem to be able to move the Change Request back to any other Status, regardless of whether I'm the requester or logged in with our Administrative account -- I always received the ARERR message identified above. I understand that Change Requests shouldn't arbitrarily be move out of the Closed state, but assume there must be some way to re-open a Closed Change Request if absolutely necessary? Thnaks again.

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              Hi George,


                  Ideally once the status of any request is Closed, we cannot reopen it. This has been done as a part of standard ITSM configuration. If you search for SYS:StatusTransitionRules form, you will find all the standard status transition rules defined for all modules.


                  If you want to allow status transition from Closed status too, then you need to disable the rule for respective module.


                  But this is recommanded to follow the standard practice. Hope this helps you.





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                Carl Wilson


                once a Change has transitioned to the "Closed" Status, it is considered finalised and complete therefore the system will not allow you to "Re-open" the same request.  However, dependent on your Functional Roles and Permissions, you can "Re-open" a request where the system will create a copy of the original and transfer the Closed requests values to the new Change and associated it to the original.


                The "Closed" Status is considered a final stage, therefore no users should actually manually move to this Status (although the system allows) and this should be defined in your Change Process / Work Instructions.  The auto closure  rules are defined to allow the re-opening of a request from the "Completed" Status for x amount of days from the Completion of the Change.