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    Devstudio on MacOS 10.7.3

      Has anyone out there successfully installed and configured devstudio on MacOS 10.7.3?  I ran it on previous versions, but after upgrading to MacOS 10.7.3 studio doesn't start.  I just just downloaded as this is a CLM integration and this is the required version for compatability.  This is a brand new install of Studio so there are no legacy installations on the Mac.  


      When I click on studio and attempt to start it just hangs indefinitely.  When I "Force Quit" the process I get a stack track that appears to denote something symptomatic of a spin-lock.  Has anyone seen this before?  I suspect this is Java related, but at to what extent I do not know.  Any experience or thoughts are appreciated.


      A copy of the statck trace is attached




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          I am OOO till 02/21/12.

          Please contact Jiani Chen or Vincent Lasfargues for any urgent issues.




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            LJ LongWing


            While I don't have ANY experience with this particular issue, I'm told (as you yourself said) that the Dev Studio is as of this moment 'supposed' to be OS independent, and should (and according to you, does) work on Linux and Mac OS's....so the questions I'm asking are more of a basic type of level.


            Are you running the latest Java for MAC?

            You mention I'm not familiar with that version...I know there was a 7.5 and a 7.6.03 and a 7.6.04, so if you could clarify your version, it would be appreciated.


            Regarding that...I suspect that the .02 at the end is the patch?  Have you tried it with the latest patch?  7.6.4 is up to patch 3 at the moment.  This might even be a possibility for you even if you aren't on 7.6.4