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    Change incident status when SRM user updates worklog?

    Karl-Anders Falk
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      I am working with a customer that are heavy users of SLA's and have tight contracts with their customers - they have a big business case behind that an update in the workog does not start the SAL clock ticking again. This i sthe use case:


      When supportstaff request information from a SRM requester/user, the incident asignee post a public worklog entry and change the incident status into pending, also stopping the SLA clock - waiting for a response fro the SRM requester/user.


      Currently there is no way for the assignee to know that the SRM requester/user has updated the worklog, and no way to start the SLA clock again - until the assignee goes back and manually check if the user has updated the worklog. The customers think this is unfair as the supportstaff might be tied up for hours on other activities and will not notice that they need to start the SLA clock again.


      For the SRM Requester/user the Attention Flag in the SRM console clearly indicates that the assignee wants information so the SRM requester knows they will have to update the request worklog. This is a very good functionality to get the SRM requesters attention - but there is nothing simlar for the supportstaff.


      Has someone built a customization that will enable the assignee to be alerted that the workog has been updated as well as automaically restart the SLA clock.


      (Saw a SRM 2.2 customer that had added a column in the icident console where an exclamation mark indicated the SRM requester/user had updated the worklog) .. I am looking fro something similar for 7.6.04.



      There are some discussions around this topic - but not seen a full solution described anywhere: