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    How to change the CLM-Midtier port to 80 and ensure CLM functioning properly?



      I have a CLM test enviornment and I tried redirecting CLM-Midtier:8080 to CLM-Midtier using port 80, by placing the below script in the index.html file, which in the following directory: /opt/apache/tomcat6.0/webapps/ROOT


      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://CLM-Midtier/arsys"></HEAD>
      <CENTER>Tomcat is running...</CENTER>



      The redirect works fine and I can login to CLM-Midtier.


      However that caused me a errors while requesting services in CLM or doing any operation, as there are still references for CLM-Midtier:8080 somewhere.


      After some configurations I did (shown below), I still get the below error when requesting a service:


      CLM Error.png


      I did the following configuration so far and still ger the above error:


      1) CLM ITSM - BMC CloudManagement Administration Console/Configuration


      Cloud Service URL: http://clm-midtier/arsys/plugins/CloudCallBackPlugin/params?server=clm-itsm&username=csmcallback&pwd=csmcallback


      2) CLM ITSM - AR SystemAdministration Console/System/General/Server Information/Advanced


      Default Web Path: http://clm-midtier/arsys

      3) Check to make sure the Callback Activity URL iscorrect

      1. Open theCMF:PluginConfiguration form on the Enterprise AR server via the Remedy UserTool
      2. make sure the CallbackURI entry is set to http://clm-midtier:8080/arsys/plugins/CloudCallBackPlugin/params?server=clm-itsm&username=csmcallback&pwd=csmcallback(Adjust accordingly if your server names are different)

      4) Check to make sure the Callout URL is correct in the following location:

      1. Open BMC_Callout form on the Cloud DB AR server via the Remedy User Tool
      2. Select the CSM Change Integration HTTP Callout
      3. Click View Relationships, select the URL CI name and then click View RelatedCI
      4. Select the Custom tab. Make sure the attributeValue is set to http://clm-midtier:8080/arsys/plugins/CloudCallBackPlugin/params?server=clm-itsm&username=csmcallback&pwd=csmcallback&operation=CHECK_CHANGE_REQUIRED(adjust accordingly if your server names are different)