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    Support Group Members doesn't receive email notification

    Yasser Husseini

      Hello Friends


      I have AR 7.1 , ITSM 7.0.03 plus patch 11 on Win2003 Server. The Issue that I have support group have many persons and they have the same Role "Change Manager". When create a change request, the email send only for the assigned person from them and not sendig to the all support memeber in this group. The same thing when the change move from stage to another.


      We enabled the Group Notification "Yes" and all memeber have email enabled and can receive Group notifications.

      I checked  "NTE:SYS-NT Process Control" by disabling the delete filter and found the record is created. I checked "NTE:SYS-Group NT Control" and found the record not created.


      Any advice will be appreciate




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          You can check following:


          a) Check NTE:NotifierLog form for the records.

          b) Check in notification availability flag is set to "Yes" on CTM:People form.

          c) Check filter which ends with _SetTag name on CHG:InfrastructureChange form which sets tag  for group notifications in server side filter logs.




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            Yasser Husseini

            Hello Sachin


            Thanks for your response. But Actually :

            1- I checked the NTE:Notifier Log and it haven't any record for Group members, just only the assigned people onyl have email notification.

            2- In CTP:People, all member of the group have availability flag to "Yes"

            3- I checked filters end by _SetTag but didn't find any thing related to group notification. Beside when I checked the record created in NTE:SYS-NT Process control, I found all required record is filled (Support Group ID, Type of Event, ...etc)


            Any another advice my friends?





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              Hi Mostafa,

              In Support Group form check whether 'Disable Group notifications' option in "Group Notification Setting" tab is set to 'Yes' for that perticular support group.




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                Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                basically if a ticket is just assigned to a Group Level only not to any individual then only system would trigger the Group Notification saying ticket is assigned to your group and if it is assigned to an individual level then that particular individual only receive a notification from the system saying so and so ticket is assigned to you...

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                  Yasser Husseini

                  Hello Ashwanth


                  You are right, as when I assigned the Change Request at Group level, all members in this group who have change manager role, received notification email.


                  But the problem is based, as this is the only notification send to all group memebers. Through the life cycle for the Change request , no one from the group member received any notification except the assigned one only,Change Assignee, and Implementor.


                  So, why is the Notification messages have all of these notifications for Group members in different cases (pending, schedule, pre-planning,..etc) and how I can make it run?


                  Note: All of Change Notifications messages are enabled and all of it set to "Yes" for Group Notification.


                  Any advice is appreciated



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                    Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                    simple, if a ticket is assigned to an individual level(say we have Change Assignee and Implementer for the Change Request in any of the Change Life Cycle) from then on these '2' person becomes the point of contact for that Change Request to be implemented so whenever there is an event which impacts the Change Status then these are the folks(basically lets call it as Assignee) should get notification as they are the one who is concerned(or responsible) for that Change Request... sending out to the whole group even after assigning it to an individual is redundant and not much meaningful... the intention of having group notification is that so and so Change is getting updated or registered in the system pls anybody from the group pick it up and work on it....as there is no point of contact for the change system would send it to the whole group.


                    so now why in the change request life cycle (pending, scheduled or almost all the status of change?) having Group Notification defined in? because system doesn't want to take any chance, even if the Assignee is null and Change is moving on to so and so Status it would notify the Assigned Group level atleast.


                    how do i make it work... i am not sure whether you can have Assignee Field Null after Planning In Progress, there is a check put in the system that no Change should move forward than Planning (or not sure what Status) without having an Assignee....

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                      Yasser Husseini

                      Hello Ashwanth


                      Thanks for your justification. I will try to move this opinion to the client, otherwise I will make customization to notify all group members with each status change.