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OEL Downloader: -configFile <config file path> is missing...Exiting

Joe Piotrowski

Getting the following error when trying to list the available patch channels for Oracle Enterprise Linux via the oel_downloader.sh script:

OEL Downloader: -configFile <config file path> is missing...Exiting


This is the syntax I'm using:

sh oel_downloader.sh -listChannels -oelUser "username" -oelPass "password"


I'm not sure why it's complaining about the -configFile because it's optional and I'm not using it.


The only thing I wasn't clear about was Java. The instructions only say Java 1.6 is required for the patch downloader utilities to work. I installed Java OK via "yum install java" but the script complained that Java couldn't be found. So I moved the /jre and /libs folders that came with the scripts into the folder I'm executing the script in. Now it's throwing the above error. Do I need to configure Java?