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    Field Limitations

    David Bunton

      I know this has probably come up before in the old FP Usergroup but....


      What is the maximum number of fields you can have in the latest version of footprints running on MS SQL 2008????



      Thank You for your speedy replies!   ;-)


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          Randall King

          We have FootPrints 9.5.4, not the latest version.  We run on SQL 2008.  However, if it helps we bumped up against the field limitation a few years ago but were able to bypass it by changing a setting in one of the files on the FootPrints server.  I’m pretty sure I can dig up the details fairly easily if you’re interested.

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            David Bunton

            Thank you Randall that would be great

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              Randall King

              Here’s the info that Numara gave us and it worked when we used it:


              You can change the limit for the maximum allowed number of workspace and/or address book fields by editing your MRlib.pl as follows:

              1) Make a backup of the \footprints\cgi\MRlib.pl  file

              2) Open the \footprints\cgi\MRlib.pl file (using Wordpad, Notepad, any other text editor)

              3) Find and edit the following lines as necessary, on or about line 218 in MRlib.pl:

              1. allow more project fields for sql-based versions

              $MAX_PROJ_FIELDS = 400;

              $MAX_AB_FIELDS = 380;

              4) Save the file.

              Please note that since this is not an MRlocalDefs variable, most likely this file and this change will be overwritten during subsequent upgrades and will need to be modified again.