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Reporting on RSCD Agent Status

Gerardo Bartoccini


I need help on creating a report which I thought it would be trivial, but apparently it's not.


IHAC which asked me something obvious:

"Can we create a report with day by day agents status?"

It doesn't have to be per server, but global. How many not licensed, how many unavailable, and so on.

Their managers want to see the trend and understand how the number of unreachable or not licensed servers is decreasing day by day.

It should contain Agent State and Job Start Run Time (USP job, I mean).


I spent some time attempting to create such a report but with no success.

The Agent State field is in the Server namespace, which doesn't contain date information, apart from Date Modified.

Unfortunately Date Modified is different for each server, which doesn't allow to group per day.

I attempted investigating on functions which could allow me to extract something like year/month/day from the Date Modified field but no luck.


Can anybody help on this?

I can't believe we can't create such a simple report.