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    Mapped Drive become unavailable when order through Control M



      My Script is running on Windows server 2003, tend to copy some files from a network drive which is mapped as Z: drive on the server to another folder. Here is the problem, when I try "copy /y Z:\file.txt C:\file.txt" on console, it is ok, however it fail when order it in control m, and then I found the issue, if I put "net use" in my script and order it, it return:

      Status       Local     Remote                    Network

      Unavailable  Z:      \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\myshare   Microsoft Windows Network


      While execute on console is OK.


      And control m agent is already setup to logon as user and run user logon script.


      Could anyone tell whether it is control m setup issue or window setup issue? How to fix it?


      Thanks very much.