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    Migrating Track-It! services and database to new server

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      Good morning all,


      I am retiring the server that currently houses our Track-It services and database (Windows Server 2003 x86, MS SQL 2005) and attempting to move everything over to a new server (Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, MS SQL 2008). I've followed the steps here and here but I am getting stuck at the restore step on the new server. I'm getting the error below when running the provided TIServerRestore.bat file:



      "Could not find file 'C:\backup\BackupSet.properties'. I initially tried by using the default path name that TIServerBackup.bat created, among others, without any luck. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the restore or if the backup batch file simply isn't creating the "BackupSet.properties" file for some reason.


      If anyone has any guidance or suggestions, please let me know!


      Thank you!

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          Hi Chris,


          When a backup set is created, the BackupSet.properties file is normally created in the specified destination location's Track-It! Backup 2012xxxxxxxxxx folder. Then when restoring the backup set, you want to make sure the restore batch file points to that same folder's contents.


          For example, on the original server the backup batch could be:



          SET Destination=C:\Backups


          After the backup is created, you'll have the following type of structure (the BackupSet.properties file is created in the root of this location):


          C:\Backups\Track-It! Backup 20120507103000


          After the backup is created you would want to copy the entire Backups directory and all of its contents to the new server and then make sure the restore batch file points to it. For example:



          SET BackupSetLocation=C:\Backups\Track-It! Backup 20120507103000


          If your backup set for some reason doesn't contain the BackupSet.properties file, you'll need to run the backup again. The restore won't work properly without it.