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    Change Owner in BLPackage

    Siddu angadi



      I have BLPackage, which does the file copy to TARGET Server which has Unix.


      All file will be copied successfully, however the owner of files should be different, it installed ( Copied ) all the files with root user.


      Is it possible to change the owner of the file before deployment?




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          Yes, Its controlled by options in the Blpackage.

          Open the  blpackage and click on the fileentry ( a + symbol),

          on the right hand side you will see different properties/options

          one of them is Owner/Group ,like thsi

          Action Add

          ItemId 1.1.24

          Name .test

          Path /tmp

          Owner 001

          OwnerOption Ignore

          Group 001

          GroupOption Ignore

          Type Regular

          ModifiedDate May 1, 2012 11:50:06 AM

          Permissions rw- r-- ---

          PermissionsOption Apply


          just select OnwerOption and GroupOption to Ignore,

          and it will create the file owned by user and group which actually deploys it, the user which is mapped to the role which has deployed the blpackage.

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            Siddu angadi

            Thank you very much Rohit.


            One more thing. I have added Folder into BLPAckage and If I change OwnerOption to ignore, will it updated to Child FIles of the folder?




            • 3. Change Owner in BLPackage

              No, I think it gives you control over each individual file and folder.