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    IBRSD + Incident Assignment

      Hi All,

         I have configured IBRSD with my BEM/SIM . The Incident creation is happening as well both via BEM as well as via Intelligent Incident policy in SIM.

      Now I have an issue. All the Incidents are getting assigned to a default assignment set. We have seperate Assignment info for seperate OS platforms. Like For windows the SupportGroup is Support-Windows, for Unix the supportgroup is support-Unix. I have done the following steps to accomplish this.

      1)Created the slots named Assignment_Company, Assignment_SupportOragnization,Assognment_SupportGroup,Assignment_SupportGroupIG.

      2) Enriched the Events to get values for these slots.

      3) Updated the Defaultmapping.map files with the Slot Mapping as below.





      4) Created the filter rule in Staging form of ITSM to receive this value in ITSM.



                 But this is not working as per the current configuration.  I require the help to understand how to achieve my requirement. Please help me to understand if this is a right approach or if right, please help me to understand any missing steps I haven't done or any additonal steps required to be done?


      Please consider this as an urgent request and help me with some suggestions.



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          Hi Sankar,


          As you have mentioned that you have created seperate slots and by enrichment you have getting comany, organisation and group. I would suggest you better pass the values Support, Window, Unix as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.


          So as per your requirement Tier 1 will always be Support and Tier 2 will change (Windows/Unix).


          Once you are receiving these values in INT:Staging form your job is done.


          Configure assignment with Ope Cat and configure support group accordingly.



          Hope this helps...





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            Niranjan Panigrahi

            Hello Sankar,


            You need to enrich the events in order to have proper Product and Operational Caterization.

            Depending on the values of Product and Operational Caterization the assignment happens on the Remedy side.

            You also need to make sure that the Foundation data for the Company being used it configured correctly.





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              I am a bit stuck on this step....

              >>> You need to enrich the events in order to have proper Product and Operational Caterization.


              Not being all that up on BEM how do I enrich the event to pass the product_tier slots to IBRSD with the right data

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                You can achieve this by building a refine and enrich the events $EV.itsm_category; $EV.itsm_type;          $EV.itsm_item;  values by looking a dynamic data table when events slots like $EV.ev_source, $EV.mc_host, $EV.mc_object_class, $EV.mc_object, $EV.mc_parameter match a particular pattern

                This approach will work for BEM but if you have SIM and have CMDB integrated to it and your CI has the attributes of Category, Type & Item added, then you can just use a companent based enrichment policy to attache the same to the event.

                Also make sure your IBRSD mapping is enabled to pass these enriched slots to be passed to Remedy.