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    Oracle Advanced Compression on BCO DB



      Is anyone using Oracle Advanced Compression on their BCO DB?




      It's invisible to the application, according to Oracle.

      It should also give a performance boost as data is compressed in memory and less IOs are generated.

      We currently use this on several very large high performance DBs.


      The assessment tool indicates that we'd get approx. 3:1 compression on our BCO DB.


      Any reason why this isn't/can't/won't be supported by BMC?





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          Hi Alan,


          This is not a supported configuration at this time, as we have no experience on whether this is suitable for the BCO architecture in production environment. That said, we might be interested in working with you and validate this configuration. Let's talk directly.





          In general, data de-duplication technologies can introduce CPU, memory and I/O overhead on BCO Database Server and underlying storage. Moreover, the potential impact on BCO data-warehousing activities is not known. Therefore, Oracle Advanced Compression is not a supported configuration at this time. Needless to say, our sizing recommendations (e.g. in terms of IOPS) cannot be considered valid should they use Oracle Advanced Compression.