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    SRM 7604 AOT name = Summary (Incident mgmt)????



      I'm pretty new at this but was wondering if AOT "Name" is the same as the "Summary" of the Incident Management ticket that is created? The reason I ask is that I have created a service request, but for some reason the Summary fieldin my incident ticket gets the AOT name as Summary .... should it really be like this?


      I also tried to map "Decsription" field to users answer but the AOT name overwrites that value.....




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          The process flow is that we configure AOT to create incident request.The incident request summary gets AOT summary OOTB .

          The summary field on HPD:HelpDesk form is populated with AOT name since it provides source of incident create.There is no relationship of service request and incident request created.


          Have you mapped user response  --> Process Input Variable --> App target data --> AOT?




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            Hi and thanks for quick answer!


            So you mean I can never overrride the Summary field??


            Yes, I have mapped but I don't know if it is correct. This is how i did:


            1. In AOT I added Target Data (Description & Detailed Description)

            2. In PDT I added variable XXX type: Process input

            3. In SRD:

            • [Tab Questions] added 1 questions
            • [Variable mapping]Selected my variable XXX and mapped it to my question
            • [SR Field Mapping]Selected Summary and mapped it to my question




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              Hi Nikoletta,


              You can always override any field value from backend fullfillment app ( Incident in this case).

              Did you mapped "Process Input" variable in PDT with app target data of AOT in "Map Data" section of PDT?

              I think you have missed this step.

              The SR type field is present on SRM:Request form. Do you get SR type value as question response in SRM:Request form for corresponding service request?




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                Carl Wilson


                with the 7.6.x versions of SRM, there is now a secondary mapping tab available for mapping values to the Service Request fields (SR Field Mappings).


                As Sachin has pointed out, the Map Data tab is where you need to specify the mapping (not the SR Field Mappings) to the PDT variable for use with the AOT.  Once the PDT variable holds the value, it will be passed through the PDT > AOT > Application Request where configured.


                You have the option when mapping to do a straight Question > Variable mapping or if you use the Advanced feature you can add in Text and concatenate additional values to the variable. 

                Typical uses are usually to add in Text, and then a question answer to the variable, for use as the Summary, such as:


                "Request for " + <Question Answer> + " - Priorty: " + <Priority>


                This allows you to provide the backend fulfilment request with details from the SR.


                Also remember that the PDT variable has 2 mappings to be performed, one at the PDT level and one at the SRD level (this can sometimes be confusing when first starting with SRM):


                1.  PDT Level - PDT Variable > AOT exposed field ("Description" or "Decription" on some application versions - BMC OOB spelling mistake)

                2. SRD Level - SRD question/text/etc > PDT Variable


                If the mappings are not present, the default value will be passed through to the AOT > Fulfilment as you have found.






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                  Problem solved!

                  Sachin, I forgot mapping "Map Data" in PDT.....


                  Thank you both for your answers!!!




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                    Nimal Nair

                    Hi All


                    I have been following this thread as I have a similar issue.

                    But will this solution also help, If i relate my AOT to an Incident Template.