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ORACLE\AVAILABILITY\Free Space attribute

Sergio NameToUpdate

Hi to all:


I'm using PNet and it has received all data from PATROL Agents with the Oracle KM loaded.

Please, somebody could tell me which is the Oracle's parameter that shows the Tablespace's free space?



Thanks a lot for your help.


Best regards,



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    Garland Smith

    Remember that the PATROL Parameter to ProactiveNet attribute uses the

    display name, not the


    PATROL Parameter name in ProactiveNet.




    You should be able to get the answer to your question by downloading the



    PatrolAdapterMappings-Queries.zip from the following URL:






    The zip file contains a PSL file.  Unzip, cut and paste the PSL script into

    a PSL Task on a Patrol Console (Classic or PATROL


    Central), execute the script and look at the output file (saved to a file on

    the PatrolAgent system).  The output from this script


    provides a complete list of appClass/instance/parameters that will be

    imported into ProactiveNet.  Look through the file and


    find the parameter(s) you're interested in and see the mapping to





    To find information about PATROL for ORACLE, you'll need to go to the

    documentation on the PATROL for ORACLE


    documentation site.




    I hope this helps,




    Garland Smith

  • 2. ORACLE\AVAILABILITY\Free Space attribute
    Sergio NameToUpdate

    Hi Garland:


    Great information!! Thanks a lot.


    And, do you know how can I see on PNet the annotate points?


    For example:

    from PATROL Central Console <Hostname>\ORACLE\AVAILABILITY\Freespace parameter, shows as annotate point information about which is the name of the Tablespace with space's problem, but this information not is possible to see on ProactiveNet.


    Best regards,



  • 3. ORACLE\AVAILABILITY\Free Space attribute
    Jayesh Panchal

    Hi sergio,


    Please find the parameter as Freespace in Oracle_km tab.  I am also attaching it:



    The FreeSpace parameter shows the percentage of space available in all non-excluded, dictionary-managed or locally managed, uniform or system allocated, non-autoextensible tablespaces.


    Could you provide me the information: what is here meant by non-excluded tablespace?