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Tracking Question

David Bunton

I have been tasked with creatting an automated process to track when an Help Desk staff member touches(edits or routes) a work order.  My thought is to create a field called "HDS Processed".  I would then like to create an excalation or Java Script that would populate that field with the name of the help desk team member who is editing the work order.


The reason is, we have over 200 Technicians processing about 65,000 work orders every year and management would like to know how many of these are touched by HDS staff


I believe a Javascript could/would work I am just not sure how to grab the current technician information (who is working on the request).  Also I would like the field to be hidden as it will only be used for reporting purposes.  Can Javascript write to a field that is hidden??



Thank You




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    Evans Martin

    What if you use the time tracking information?  Show a sum of all time entries for team x or agent y.

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    Johan Gouverneur

    Not a full suggestion, but if you are using Javascript anyway you can use that to hide the field as well. So there will be no need to have FootPrints hide the field (and possibly disallowing you to write to it).

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    Aaron Carey

    Using javascipt you can pull the current user id from "document.regform.USER.value" and then write it out to a field of your choice and as suggested before hide that field. 


    In one of my workspaced I created a field "Last Edited By" and everytime the ticket was open for editing I would put the current users name in the filed and also used the JS to hide it.

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    David Bunton

    I did end up using the Java script.  That worked very well.  Thanks for the input!

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    Jacque Donald

    Just FYI you can write to hidden fields all you want, we use a lot of them to trigger other escalations in multi-step workflows. And for maintenance you can create a status that only admins can see that shows the fields, so to see whats going on in them you can just toggle ticket status and see  the fields...