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    What is the Safest Way to Remove CLM Orphan VMs?





      I'm a CLM 2.1 Administrator at a customer's site.

      We recently lost many VCenter VMs, that were provisioned through CLM, due to an issue related to storage.


      We didn't care much about those VMs since they were for testing, however they still appear on CLM as orphan VMs and they don't look good there.


      In the "BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem_" form, the CIs status are "Deployed".

      If they were decommissioned through CLM, the status would be "Deleted".


      I need to remove those CIs and make them disappear from CLM.


      What is the safest way to remove them from CLM?





      Thanks & Regards,

      Ahmad Jamjoom