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    VIP notifications



      I have been asked to create email notifications for VIP users when they create incidents. The email may be directed to a department in service management or even the user. I have found this link which might be related but with my knowledge of the product it doesn't mean much to me:




      I was wondering if this links to service targets in service level management. If not, can service targets be adapted to start these.


      Any advice you can give will be really helpful. Thanks.




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          If email notifications are not possible is there another way of setting up methods of monitoring these tickets i.e. dashboards or service level targets. We want to alert staff when a VIP makes a work order or incident request and obviously complete those tasks within tighter deadlines than standard ones.



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            Hi Sean,


            I am not able to open the given link... here is the solution based on my understanding.


            This is very simple to implement. You can simply wirte a workflow on the incident form to send notification to the designated email address when an incident is submitted by the VIP person. Let me know if this helps or if you need any further help.



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            Vineet Bhargava