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    BMC Service Catalog Question

      I have been working with BMC Service Catalog in Atrium 7.6.4. I am very impressed with the interconnectivity. I created a Business Service with two service offerings. I then created a Technical Service and related it to one of the offerings. I also related the offering to an SRD.  The end result was created with these relations automatically . (see below).


      My Question is this: is the arrow that connects the business service and the technical service right? The component arrows all move in the direction that I have always understood - Source to Destination. But the Dependency Arrow on the Database Services (Technical Service) and Offering seems wrong. It is moving from the destination to the source. Or the diagram is saying that the supporting Technical Service is dependent on the Sales Account Management Offering.


      Am I missing something here?


      thanks for any clarification


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          Carey Walker

          Hi Syd


          The situation you are seeing s a common gotcha with the way the Explorer displays dependency relationships.In a pure UML sense you are right, a dependency relationship is normally depicted the other way around. I'm not a UML expert, but in the BMC 7.6 data Modeling guide, they explain the differences. Check out the preface around pages 9-11.


          I don't mind the Atrium Explorer/CI relationship Viewer approach as you can read it as 'The Sales Account Management offering depends on the Database Services technical service' which is kind of consistent with saying 'The Sales Account management offering is made up of the Cost Box, Work Order and ProdBox elements'.

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            Hello Carey,

            I think I see my confustion. I think there is still some dispute about the correctness of the arrow, but I am willing to hear arguments to the contrary. 


            Typically, I would say that a Business Service is dependent on the supporting Technical services. If the Technical Services aren't running the Business Service isn't functioning. But it is possible that the Business Service could be down but no affect related Technical Services (Database could be down; email could be up; Sales Management is broken in either case).  With the Catalog, there is no way to directly relate a Business Service to a Technical Business Service. Instead there are Offerings and these are related to Technical Services.


            The Offerings are components of Business Services and Technical Services support Offerings. If the Technical Service goes down, the offering goes down, the Business Service goes down - I am OK with this sequence so far.


            I went down to the relationship record and found the following

            Source is BMC_ServiceOffering - Sales Account Management

            Destination is BMC_BusinessService - Database Services.


            My reading of this says that Database Services are dependant on Sales Account Management. Is my understanding of Source and Destination incorrect?

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              Carey Walker

              Hmm. Interesting.


              We have done our  modeling outside of the SRM world (if that makes sense) and as such have had no trouble directly relating technical services like database service (BMC_BusinessService, type TechnicalService) to business services like Online Banking (BMC_BusinessService, type BusinessService) with a generic dependency relationship. The business service is the source, the technical service the destination,so pretty much as you have described, and our interpretation is the 'thing' pointed to by the arrow is the dependency i.e. the database. Looking at your diagram, the database is the dependency (it's where the arrow points), and hence the Sales Acct Mgt offering depends on the database. A mentioned, the component (green) relationships you also have in cither parts of your diagram interpret the same way. Instead of source depends on destination, it's source comprised of destination.


              The BMC_Offering part adds a useful layer of understanding, but we haven't explored that yet.

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                Andrej Kajzer



                I also have a little problem understanding all this in new version of CMDB.


                Could someone explain what this mean:

                - service offerings

                - requestable offerings


                I would say service offering are the 2 layer of bussiness service , so the things which is possible to provide to a user.


                Is this logic correct?

                - Business service would be Email service.

                - Service offering in this case would be for example: Creating email account, Deleting email account, Increase of mailbox size, etc...

                - Requestable offering would be all the offering which is possible to request using SRM for example?


                If I remember right in previous release of CMDB business service created direct relation to the technical service. In this version technical service relate to service offering. I am a little confused here .


                Usually technical services are group of infrastructure CIs which support specific business service but here we can see that technical service relate to service offering.


                It would be great if someone could give example of this that I can see things more clearly.


                Many thanks!!!!

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                  Andrej Kajzer

                  I am reading CMDB Admin 7.6.04 guide and I notice that our GUI in our environment is different than this shown in pdf guide.


                  Also there is a lot of instructions how you configure specific things but we are missing tabs in 7.6.04 sp2 version.


                  Here is the screen shot from Admin guide and I pointed which tabs I can not see in our environment.




                  Any idea what could be wrong?


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                    Dirk Anderson

                    Did you click on the Show Advanced features link? and do you have SRM installed within your environment?

                    Please provide details of your environment.

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                      Dirk Anderson

                      Have a look at the diagram...pretty self explanatory:


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                        Andrej Kajzer

                        If I click on Show Advanced features I can not see this things. SRM 7.6.04 sp2 is installed.



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                          Dirk Anderson

                          Requestable Offerings and Transactional RO's are now called Request Actions.

                          Suggest you have a look at the release notes for what was updated with Service Catalog with SP1/SP2


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                            Andrej Kajzer

                            Could you please send me this pdf.


                            Many thanks!

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                              Andrej Kajzer


                              I got business service model like that.


                              I created TS (technical service) and BS (business service).

                              For BS and TS I created default offering.


                              I select supporting technical on business service and checked the default service offering in that table. See picture.




                              Is this service model logical because I get a little different picture as yours?



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                                We are using Atrium CMDB 7.6.04 SP2 and currently going through the steps of populating the Atrium Service Catalog.  We've compiled a spreadsheet with most of the information required to perform this task.  So far, so good; however, the the items we populate through Atrium Service Catalog do not always appear in the CMDB as we would expect.  For example, it is not clear what is meant by Provider in the Service Catalog.  Our assumption is that this is the Service Provider, but how does this get populated since it is a dropdown?  Also, we have a Business Owner, but it is not clear how this gets populated.  Does anyone have any suggestions or documentation that we could refer to that better explain how everything ties together (Atrium Service Catalog, Atrium CMDB and eventually, SRM)?  The Atrium documentation is very limited when it comes to the Service Catalog.  There are lots of white papers, but nothing tool specific.  We're ready to start using the tool to show some value.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks, Greg

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                                  Sorry for the tardy response.

                                  That picture looks far more acceptable than the one that was being generated for me. So the key in this case is working from the Business Service, you selected a technical service and selected the "default service offering" check box.


                                  I will be curious to see how this is rendered if the Business Service, Technical Service and Offering are created via SRM.


                                  Thanks for some help on this.


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                                    Ivan Pirishanchin



                                    I'm afraid even BMC don't agree between each other in the company for the correct notation of dependency relationships in the explorer. What I now see in version 8.1 is the following:


                                    1. When working with the Service Catalogue application, it creates dependency relationships between Business Service offering and Technical Service offering. The direction of the arrow is from BSO-to-TSO.


                                    2. When working with the Map IT Resource function, it creates dependency relationships between Technical Service and Infrastructure CIs. The direction of the arrow is from InfraCIs-to-TS.


                                    3. When reading the Data Modeling 7.6.04 guide, right in the preface, there's a yellow Important section that says that Atrium CMDB notation is the opposite of UML notation when it comes to Dependency mapping. In UML the direction of the arrow is from Destination-to-Source, meaning that "Source is dependent on Destination". In Atrium CMDB the direction of the arrow is always from Source-to-Destination.


                                    4. When reading Atrium 8.1 documentation there's a section about the Dependency relationships which says that direction of arrow is always Source-to-Destination and it means that "Destination is dependent on Source".


                                    When you consider all 4 points above you cannot tell which is right and which is wrong. Thus the notation in Atrium CMDB is still not very clear and there are issues with OOTB functionalities of Map IT Resource and Service Catalogue applications. For example, the relationship that is created by Service Catalogue can be read as "BSO is dependent on TSO", but then the relationships that are created by Map IT Resource are to be read as "InfraCIs are dependent on TS" which is ridiculous and should be the other way around.


                                    Does anyone here know more about these?

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