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    Data Wizard console issue

      Hi All,


      I have pbm in updating the records in Data Wizard Console.

      I tried updating the records on Testing environment through data wizard console and it worked.

      but when i tried the same on production it is taking almost 8 hours by now.All the form are in Pending status.

      After running the update on DWConsole.Only the support group form is updated with the new group name.All the other modules are showing the old group name records though I can see the new group listed under the assignment tab in incident module.



      On Support group form for the old group there was an support group alias created and that is the new group name. Is that causing an issue in updating the group name.


      Can we try to stop this updating process on Data Wizard console.Bcz now its a peak hour.

      I have to stop this and perform it later.


      Where can i stop this updating  group name.Do we have any form or services to stop this.


      Could some one help on this pls!!!