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    Animated GIF in a table field

      Hi all


      Is there any way to add an animated gif into a normal table field/column (in a table list field)?

      Unfortunately a cell based table field is unfortunately no option.


      Many thanks


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          Hi again


          In the meantime I got an answer from BMC Support on how to add an animated gif into a tabel. I have added the description below.


          But now I have another question. When I add my animated gif (no mather if I add it onto a button or into the tablefield), the gif is not animated anymore. I have added the gif below.



          What do I have to do that the animation is still available when I add the gif to ARS?


          There the description from BMC Support:

          1.     Create a newReguler Form with Table-List View field containing few columns.

          2.     Goto ARSystem Navigator. Double click All Objects >> Right click on Images>> New Image.

          3.     You will seean image form opened with Description and Preview fields. Now, click on Browsebutton & select the animated graphic which you want.    Save the Image form.

          4.     Now openyour regular form where you created your Table-List View.

          5.     In thetable, select the column field in which you want the images to appear.

          6.     In theProperties tab, select the Column Images property, and click its ellipsisbutton.

                 The ColumnImages dialog box appears.

          7.     In theSelection Field field, enter the name of the selection field (drop-down list,radio button, or check box) whose values will determine which images appear inthe column selected in step5

                  You canenter the name by typing it, by pasting it, or by using the ellipsis buttonnext to the field to display the Field Selector dialog box.

          8.     When youselect a field, the field's selection values automatically appear in the dialogbox table.

          9.     In thetable, select the Image cell of a value with which you want to associate animage, and click its ellipsis button.

                   Images canbe associated with the NULL value.

          10.   In the Imagedialog box, click Select. In the Object Selector dialog box, select theappropriate image, and click OK.

          11.   Repeat step 9through step 10 for each value that you want to associate an image with. ClickOK.

          12.   Save theRegular Form and check this in the Web Tool.

          13.   Ensure toflush Midtier Cache to reflect these changes.


          Thanks in advance!



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            Anyone able to help?

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              Laurent Matheo

              If you save the image when it's displayed, is it still an animated GIF?

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                No, it displays only static when I add it onto my form.


                I found an animated GIF from BMC (the spinning circle which indicats that you need to wait) and it behaves the same way as mine when I add it onto my form.


                But somehow BMC was able to display that icon also animated.




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                  Aditya Sharma

                  Hope you are validating via Mid-Tier. Animation won't work on User tool. Can you paste a screenshot of what you are seeing?




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                    Shame on me :-(

                    I still like the User Tool for testing too much ...


                    Many thanks for that hint!