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    Editing CI´s through Atrium explorer....Why exists differences  for each class?

    Diego Bermudez Rodrigo

      Hi all,


      I´m starting to use BMC Atrium 7604 explorer so maybe my question is so beginner. If a create for example an Organization CI and click edit on contextual menu, then BMC.CORE:BMC_Organization is opened in set mode with the CI I have selected in Explorer view. But if I do the same with an Business Service  CI in the explorer, editing it opens AST:Business Service form in Search Mode.

      How can I configure this??? I need edit option for all CI types opens BMC.CORE:BMC_XXXX form in set mode.


      I´m going to use this post to launch another question:


      An Asset Admin, using/playing with Atrium explorer, how can select wich CIs promote to Asset. He can´t delete CIs and the Ci´s removed from View has to be promoted too.


      Than´s a lot for your responses and sorry about my english.