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    TMART Workbench 4.1 on Windows 7

      I've been running TMART Workbench 3.9 on my WinXP laptop for over a year successfully.  I've recently been upgraded to Win 7 and rather than install 3.9 I thought I'd give 4.1 a try.  The install finished "Successfully", but when I try to launch the Performer.exe I get the following:


      First I'm prompted for UAC (I have Admin rights temporarily)


      Then I get


      Could not create loadtest controller!


      Cause: SYSTEM: 5 - Access is denied.



      I've tried using process monitor and combing through logs, but so far have found nothing useful, I'm just looking for a point in the right direction.


      Any thoughts?

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          Hal DeVore

          Hi, WebEng,


          You're probably going to need to contact BMC Support to track this one down. FWIW, Workbench 4.1 works just fine on my Windows 7 test VM.


          A couple of thoughts:

          1. Launch Workbench as administrator instead of just waiting for the UAC prompt.
          2. Check the Windows System Event log. This error is from Windows, perhaps you'll find more info on what it is denying access for.
          3. Be aware that Workbench needs to write to a Windows system directory at runtime. If your Windows 7 system is locked down by policy this might be the issue.  But it shouldn't come up until you actually start to record.