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    Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation

    Gabriel Santos

      Hello im implementing incident module for 7.6.04, and so far so good, ive been able to create all the companies, people, and support groups, we can create incidents and all the notifications go out to the support groups and the assignee.


      But im having an issue with the Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation notificication, is not getting send, yes all the customers have notification avaliable, and email as default method, i have checked the SYS:Notification Message and it is Enabled, but they dont appear in the Notification Log form, even tho all the support group notifications do appear there.


      We even cancel some incidents and the notification was correctly send. Im really lost, according to what i have been able to find in documentation and here, everything is as its supose but still that particular notification doesnt seem to work.


      Thank you very much for any help.

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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          i hope you dont have SRM(means when submitting incident it inturn submits a service request) because if that is the case then this would be handled from SRM...


          If this notification is being handled from incident itself with no SRM interaction(you can see that in incident rules that submit sr flag is set or not) then you can check these following things first..


          Make sure that Requester Profile is having default notify mechanism as Email and make sure his notification availablity is set to Yes.


          Form – NTE:SYS-Define NT Events Form

            • Status of that particularNotification Event(Incident Module, Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation  is ‘Enabled’

          Form – SYS:Notification Messages

            • Status of that particularNotification Event is ‘Enabled’

          Form – NTE:CFG-Notification Events

            • Status of that particularNotification Event is ‘Enabled’ for that User/System


          these are the basic things which you can check first....

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            Gabriel Santos

            Hello Ashwanth, thank you very much for your info.


            Yes im aware that this process should be done via the Requester Console, but we have another issue there, without the Product Categorization avaliable the assigment doesnt work and tickets hang in process.




            What do you mean by (you can see that in incident rules that submit sr flag is set or not)? i did checked the rules for incident but didn´t see any flag to submit Service request.


            The event is enable in both NTE:SYS-Define NT Events and SYS:Notification Messages, but i cannot find it in NTE:CFG-Notification Events


            The only incident events in NTE:CFG-Notification Events are:



            Ownership Assignment


            Unavailability Restored

            Change Associations

            Known Error Solution

            Known Error Workaround

            Problem Investigation Completion

            Problem Investigation Associations

            Requester Incident Resolution


            How can i add Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation?


            I have been testing and notice that it works for one customer company but not for the others, what could be the cause of this? there is no notification setting in the company as far as i know



            Gabriel Santos

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              Gabriel Santos

              I have continue testing, aparently the companies that were importes with the Data Management Tool are the ones where the Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation event doesnt work.


              how can we correcct this without restarting everything




              Ok so i edited for the update


              I have been moving users around and yes when the Company was created manually this notification goes without issues, but it never does if the company was imported via de Data Management Tool.


              has someone encounter something like this? our best bet right now is to create all the companies manually and move the users around like i just did?



              Gabriel Santos

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                Carl Wilson


                have you done a report and compared the Companies that were loaded to the ones that were manually created to see if there are hidden fields that have not been set correctly?

                I suspect that when the User is associated to the Company, the workflow used in the Notification Engine does not retrieve the correct values for use with the notification.


                Check the differences and correct the Company records if there issues.  Also check the CTM:People form for the ones working versus the ones that are not, again there maybe fields that are populated when selecting the Company that are not in view.


                Somewhere to start.






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                  Gabriel Santos

                  Thanks Carl for your sugestion, but how can i access de CTM:People form? i have the objest list enable in the MIdTier, and i can search but even with the Show Hidden option check, i cannot see it, i see a lot o other forms but they are all CTM:PeopleUser or CTM:PeopleSelfJoin for example



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                    Laurent Matheo

                    Have you something named "People" then? Though it's strange you can't see through its "real" form name...

                    Did you try with user "appadmin"?


                    Else you can try accessing it directly through its url, something like:






                    Else of course you can go in "Application Administration Console -> Custom configuration -> Foundation -> People -> People".

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