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    cisco IOS merge template issue..



      I have create 1 template to create a vlan for Cisco IOS Switch / Router, template is as follows,


      vlan 901

      name testing





      When i tried to merge the above template on device, its showing succeded, but when i checked the same on device, there was no vlan configured as I stated in template.


      here i got some info from job transcriot in scan syntax option,




      config termEnter configuration commands, one per line. 
      End with CNTL/Z.SW(config)#vlan 901 ?  <cr>
      SW(config)#vlan 901 \x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008         \x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008vlan 901
      SW(config-vlan)#name testing ?  <cr>
      SW(config-vlan)#name testing \x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008             \x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008\x008exit
      SW(config)#no vlan 901




      why its firing no vlan 901 after deploying the vlan 901 successfully... any suggestion guys..