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    Initiator Script and Assignment Script

      Hi All,


      I am a new one to Incident Management module of ITSM. I need some explination on what is an initiator script and what is an Assignment Script.

      Also is there any difference/similarity between the decision tree and the scripts defined above

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          Matt Laurenceau

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            Hi Deepti,

            Initiator scripts provide instructions to service desk analysts that describe how to

            log an incident.

            Assignment scripts are similar to initiator scripts. The difference is that assignment

            scripts are mapped to the assigned group of the incident. After the incident

            assignment group is selected, a list of assignment scripts becomes available to

            assist an agent with logging the incident.


            Scripts are detailed instructions that have been set up at your company to

            help you record important information about an incident. You have access

            to scripts that have been set up for your support group. Scripts might include

            a list of questions to ask the customer. These questions can assist you in

            resolving or assigning the incident.

            A decision tree takes you step-by-step through a questionnaire, and, based on

            your answers, completes part of the form for a new incident. Each element in

            the decision tree displays a list of items. Your final selection completes part

            of the incident.

            In the Incident User Guide and ITSM Config Guide, will you find detailed information on how to use these functions.




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              Thanks HR for the reply. It really helped me to understand the basic concept

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                Hi Deepti,


                - Initiator scripts: Initiator script is selected during the ticket creation.

                - Assignment scripts: Assignment scripts are used at a later stage of the ticket life cycle.




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                  Is it posible to perform autoassigment script for group of incidents?


                  I have scenario where we have 30% of incidents that need to be delivered to another groups automaticly with autoassigments script based on operational categorisation.


                  I need like script to start every 2h and based on service and key word in description to forward group of incidents to another groups based on autassigment rules.