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SRM Life Cycle

Deepti NameToUpdate

Hi All,



I have certain queries regarding SRM. I know all the document availabe but i am not able to get the clear idea so i am seeking help from here


To understand the complete life cycle of SRM i have followed the following steps


  1. I created two Work Oder Template .
  2. In details tab i defined Two fieds say X and Y for first and A, B for second
  3. Now created Two AOT
  4. Registered the Template with AOT
  5. Defined the Target Data with the feilds TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2(Don't have exact idea of what is the use of target Data other the capturing User inputs) and TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2
  6. Created One PDT
  7. Associted the two AOT's with PDT
  8. Under wth variable name i defined one var and under mapping the fields TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2 were already there so what i did was in input i mapped the variable that i defined
  9. Then created SRD
  10. Now when i am logging through the request Entry i am not able to see any service created



Can some one help to find out where excatly i am doing wro and also what is the exact use of Target Data anf Variable deining and Mapping