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    SRM Life Cycle

      Hi All,



      I have certain queries regarding SRM. I know all the document availabe but i am not able to get the clear idea so i am seeking help from here


      To understand the complete life cycle of SRM i have followed the following steps


      1. I created two Work Oder Template .
      2. In details tab i defined Two fieds say X and Y for first and A, B for second
      3. Now created Two AOT
      4. Registered the Template with AOT
      5. Defined the Target Data with the feilds TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2(Don't have exact idea of what is the use of target Data other the capturing User inputs) and TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2
      6. Created One PDT
      7. Associted the two AOT's with PDT
      8. Under wth variable name i defined one var and under mapping the fields TypeField_Char1 and TypeField_Char2 were already there so what i did was in input i mapped the variable that i defined
      9. Then created SRD
      10. Now when i am logging through the request Entry i am not able to see any service created



      Can some one help to find out where excatly i am doing wro and also what is the exact use of Target Data anf Variable deining and Mapping





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          You need to check following:


          a) Check SRD status as "Deployed".

          b) Check Effective Start Date and Effective End Date

          c) Check if the logged in user belongs to same company for which SRD is configured.( I assume that multitenancy is configured on your server).


          Taget Data is used to push process variable values to CAI backend interface form.The flow will look like below


          SRD Question --> PDT Process Input Variable --> AOT App target data.


          Similarly, app target data can be used in Process Output variable.




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            Save the SRD and Search the srd with the srd if and movethe status of the srd to Request for Approval if no approvals are defined it will go for Deployed status then go to entilment pageand define the entilments  based on the req and then check in the request entry screen that srd will be visiable



            Sanjeeva Naidu G

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              Thanks Sachin/Sanjeev,




              The SRD which i have created is now Visible from the Requestor Console after following the steps u defined. Now i have one query



              I have to pass the values from one AOT to another AOT like while mapping (we have the option for input process,output process and internal). How can i define that mapping


              As far my understanding is concerned we need to define one variable and use that variable to get the input from the user. how will that value pass to another AOT. Like i have to define two AOTs that are dependent on each other



              Regarding the Entitlement which Sanjeev has defined i haven't used any of those things as of now as i only know what they are meant for nothing else.. Will it effect the overall functioning of the SRD?




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                Hi Deepti,



                Follow  below steps to pass values from first AOT to second AOT:


                a) Create a Process Output variable in PDT.

                b) Map this process output vairable to app target data of first AOT.

                c) Create a Process Input variable in PDT.

                d) Use same  Process Output variable as Process input variable.

                e) Map this process input variable to app target data of second AOT.




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                  Thanks for the reply:


                  I have defined the following variables


                  Var_First--     For input process

                  Var_Second--For output process


                  For first and second AOT under Map Data option i defined only input mapping where as i mapped Var_First with the Target Data fields


                  For third AOT which is supposed to get executed when one First and Second is executed under Map Data i have mapped Var_First for input  and Var_Second for output..


                  First two AOT has been executed. Now how will the third get executed






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                    Hi Deepti,


                    Do you need to use app taret data from second AOT in third AOT?





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                      Hi Deepti,


                      Following threads describes use of Process Input / Process Output / Internal variables between PDT.