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    BBSA 8.2 Unified Agent Installer question

    Joe Piotrowski

      When you run the Unified Agent Installer in BBSA 8.2 (to install Windows agents) it prompts you for several pre-made things, including:

      - RSCD Agent binary (added as Software MSI in the Depot)

      - Automation Principle

      - PsExec server

      - Remote Host Authentication Rule


      This will create an "Agent Bundle" in Depot and an "Agent Installer Job" in Jobs. You can Open either object and edit/modify them. However, I cannot find a reference to the the Automation Principle, the PsExec server or the Rule. Are those settings saved in a place where they can be changed?

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          You need to add a windows server as PSExec server

          and create a automation principals, then only you will be able to select the same when using the Unified Agent Installer

          See the User Guide Under these sections:


          Preliminary tasks for installing agents

            Setting up a PsExec server

            Creating automation principals



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            Edwin Lindeman

            The settings are under Infrastructure Management/Remote Host Authentication. Additional section in the User Guide to look at is "Creating objects for agent installation"

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              Joe Piotrowski

              Let me be a little clearer. I have already created all of those objects. I've already created a working Agent Installer Job. And I understand that I can go modify them; I can go change the user/password in the Automation Principle I used or change the Rule in Infrastructure Management.


              My question is, where in the created Agent Bundle or Agent Installer Job does it reference which Automation Principle or Rule to use? What if I want to add an additional Automation Principle and Rule to my agent installer? For example, if I already have an Automation Principle and Rule for Windows, and I want to create an additional one for Linux, where do I go back into the Agent Bundle or Agent Installer Job and add that? Where is that referenced? If I open the created Agent Bundle or Agent Installer Job I don't see any reference to those objects.

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                I believe that the agent  bundle is referered to in the agent installer job.

                The Unified agent installer is just a wizard that helps you to go through all the steps of creating a job.

                You can always go to the depot and create a new agent installer job from a  new agent bundle.

                Later on you can open a saved Installer job and in the Options panel, you should be able to choose a differenr agent bundle from the depot if you have created mutiple.

                As far as remote authentication is concerned, you define all of these under the Infra Management- > Remote  Host auth

                and then you defined rules

                These rules , I guess are attempted by the job one by one depending upon the order they are defined.

                So you create rules like

                e.g. for all Solaris target use SSH

                      for all Windows  use PSexec


                BTW: Automation Principal is only for Windows AFAIK.

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                  Joe Piotrowski

                  Rohit, I've created all those objects. I've walked through the Unified Agent Installer Wizard, pointed to all those objects, and created a successful Agent Bundle and Agent Installer Job. It works.


                  However, if I open the Agent Bundle or Agent Installer Job, I can find no reference to the Automation Principle, PsExec server or Rule. Where is that reference?


                  I can also manually create an Agent Bundle and Agent Installer Job, but there is no place to reference those objects, so the installer fails.


                  If the Automation Principle is only for Windows, where would you specify Linux credentials to install the Agents?

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                    My bad, automation principal is now supported for Unix as well.


                    I think the only reference in the agent installer job is the agent bundle.

                    And the agent bundle defines the agent installable and its details.


                    The remote authentiacaiton mechanisms are defined globally, there should be atleast one for each OS.

                    And the rules define the way these will be used by any installer job.

                    As I understand it, installer job does not have any direct reference to this, but whenver the installer job runs it tries evaluate the rules to get a authentication mechanism defined,

                    So if the installer job is failing , that may be because it is unable to find a suitable remote authenticaiton method defined by your rules.

                    Have you any rules in place ?


                    Still, I will try this again  and let you know. (  I have looked at it only once when 8.2 was released, May be I am missing something ).

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                      That information (automation principal and rules) can all be found under the Configuration->Infrastructure Management dialog.  If you open up that dialog you will see two nodes "Remote Host Authentications" and "Remote Host Authentication Rules".  If you view the "Remote Host Authentications" you can see the missing configurations you're looking for.


                      What happens when the job runs is that it applies each of the "Remote Host Authentication Rules" to the server that you're executing against.  Once it finds a rule that satisfies it, it will then test each of the "Remote Host Authentication"s from the list associated with the "RHARule".  If it finds a valid one, it will use the information in that "RHA" for your job execution.  You can see this list by expanding the rules from the Infrastructure Management dialog.


                      This is very similar to how repeater routing rules, job routing rules, and socks proxy routing rules work if you've ever used them before.

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                        Joe Piotrowski

                        Thank you sdaley, now I understand. What confused me was this was my first implementation. So I incorrectly assumed that you had to tie an Agent Installer Job to a specific Automation Principal and Rule.


                        But that's not the case. I went back through the Wizard and it only cares that at least one exists. And if one doesn't exist, you have to create at least one for the Wizard to continue. I misunderstood and thought I was selecting a specific one for that job.