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    Scripting API Assistance


          I am new to Footprints.  We are running Footprints version 10.  I'd like to write a PERL/Python/or bash script to close out tickets based on specific criteria in the issue type, but I have no idea where to start with this.  I have yet to find any good links or examples on how this can be done with though I have seen some outdated links on a PERL API.  Can someone point me to what direction I should go to start trying this out and include some suggestions on how this can be accomplished.


      Thanks in advance and sorry for the newbie question.

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          Log in to your support profile (http://support.numarasoftware.com/) and download the appropriate reference manual for your version of FootPrints.  There are several examples in many different languages in the API section.

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            Don Cholish

            There is full documentation about the web services API in the help that comes with your product.


            Chapter 11: Numara FootPrints API > FootPrints Web Services API > Web Services API


            There are examples for Perl, PHP, Java, and C#.


            What are you trying to do that you can’t do with an escalation rule?

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              Thank you both for the prompt response.   I'm not familiar with escalation rules, but from the sounds of it, an escalation rule will not work because actions that are outside the scopt of Footprints need to be completed prior to closing the ticket.  We don't want automatic ticket closing.  Perhaps I am wrong in my understanding of the escalation rules.

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                Don Cholish

                Ah, that makes sense.  If something needs to be done in another application 1st, the API is the best method.  If that other application can send an email, that combined with an escalation rule may be an easier route.

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                  The whole point is to not have to click on 8 subtickets and close them each out individually (I like my wrists ).  I'll take a look at the scripting API documentation and post any questions I have. Again, thanks for the fast responses. 

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                    David Pinkowitz

                    When you look at the web services documentation, it sounds like you will want to focus on editIssue and search for your examples.

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                      I appreciate all the tips.  I found the documentation and have been looking through it.  I do have a question about the following stated in the documentation.


                      Arguments: Userid and password for a system administrator (or any agent if enabled on Web Services Setup page). Query for the FootPrints database, which may only be a ‘SELECT’ statement


                      What account is the "system administrator" account?  I have a normal user id and password that has access to edit the tickets I want to work with.  It sounds like I need a separate account..where is this created?

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                        David Pinkowitz

                        The original system administrator account is created during the FootPrints installation. Any additional system administrator accounts can be made either by making a new account from the user management page or changing the User Role of an existing account to that of a system administrator. In either case, a system administrator will typically required to make this change. You can tell if you are a system administrator if you have the "Administration" link on your homepage toolbar and when it opens it shows "System" like the following screenshot:




                        A system administrator would have been the one to create your workspace.


                        Only a system administrator can enable the use of web services, but we do have an option where the system administrator can configure web services to authenticate with any agent user rather than just a system administrator account.


                        I hope this helps.

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                          Aaron Carey

                          What is your goal with using the Web Services?  What exactly are you trying to do? You might not need web services at all.



                          Aaron Carey