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    Epoch time in NSH

      Hi there,


      I want to get the current standard epoch time (seconds from 1970) in a nsh script. Is there any way to do that as date +%s is not working in nsh? Or maybe you have an ideea of how can I convert something like this 2012-04-18-17-09-25 to epoch time in nsh.





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          Bill Robinson

          Modload zsh/datetime

          Use strftime.


          You need to be using n/zsh 4.3.4

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            Wenchi Liao

            if the datetime module is there, EPOCHSECONDS will be the current time as well:


            $ echo $EPOCHSECONDS




            If the newer zsh isn't available, awk can generate it as well:


            $ echo $EPOCHSECONDS


            $ echo "" | awk 'END {print srand()}'



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              Bill Robinson

              Are you using the nsh awk or the system awk?

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                Wenchi Liao

                It shouldn't matter. awk should have the srand() function, and that's what makes this work. With no arguments, srand() will return the current time in seconds.


                playing around with this a bit more. It seems gnu awk always (some versions?) implicitly seed to 1, so gawk may need srand twice:


                $ echo "" | gawk 'END{print srand()}'


                $ echo "" | gawk 'END{print srand()}'


                $ echo "" | gawk 'END{srand(); print srand()}'


                echo "" | gawk 'END{srand(); print srand()}'



                nsh awk only needs one... eh..

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                  Thanks for your answers.


                  I am using nsh's awk. I am able to do it this way, as you suggested:


                  echo "" | awk 'END {print srand()}'


                  Meantime, I found perl on the application server so I was able to do it using perl:


                  perl -e "print time"


                  I cannot update nsh to a newer version. This is the version I got: BladeLogic Network Shell Don't have gawk ar nawk...



                  Thanks a lot for your help!!





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                    Bill Robinson

                    You can update nsh – actually zsh.


                    To check the version run:

                    Nsh –version

                    That will show like:

                    $ nsh --version

                    zsh 4.3.4 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)


                    if it’s 4.0.4 you can goto the NSH/bin directory and change the nsh symlink to point to the zsh-4_3_4 binary instead of zsh.  4.3.4 is the default for bsa 8.1+ and it works fine in older versions for the most part.

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