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    Unable to configure security (TLS with client certificates)

      Configuring security on 4 different BL 8.1 SP2 app servers (red hat linux 5.5). Exacly the same steps have been taken for every one of them, however only on two of them it is working.

      On the failing servers, when changing to the "bladmin" user (su - bladmin) to test connectivity with a test rcp client, over which the "putcert" command has been run, the following message appears:

      "1. Failed to read keys from ..." (path to the id.pem file)

      Obviously, when trying to access the test rcp client a "login not allowed for user" is displayed.


      Interestingly enough, the pass phrase in the securecert file is much shorter (approximately half in size) for the failing servers than for the working ones, even though the very same password has been used to create the certificates.


      Any thoughts on which could be causing the error? I have tried recreating the certificates and reruning the whole configuration procedure to no avail.


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