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    Remedyforce Object

      Hi All,


      I am learning Remedy force.I have created  new object(form) in remedyforce and some feilds also.

      can anyone help me how can i view it?




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          Mable, if you've created your custom objects correctly, you can go in the Remedyforce interface to Configurations | Application Settings | Custom Fields to place them on an appropriate form.   They will show up in the "Custom Fields" section on the form you choose.

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            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for your quick response.I tried your solution but i am not able to view my object(form) in "Custom feilds display for" .It is showing only incident and change in a drop down..

            please let me know in case i am not able to clear you.




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              Virginia Leandro

              For a custom object, there is currently not a way to expose it within the visualforce pages of BMC Remedyforce.  However, by using the Salesforce standard pages you can build a page to populate that object.  We will be moving toward Salesforce standard pages in order to take advantage of features like this.



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                Anne Brock

                If when you created your form you set up a "tab" for it, you should see it on your list of tabs at the top of the salesforce page. If not, click on the "+" sign and you should see it there.


                but no, you won't see it in RemedyForce.