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External script execution with Patrol Agent

Philip Albert



We used to execute external script with ProactiveNet Agents.

Those could be any custom scripts, in vbscript, perl, executables, etc.


Is there a way to execute those scripts with a Patrol Agent?

If it's possible, can someone point me to documentations or procedures to do it?




  • 1. External script execution with Patrol Agent
    rasto danis

    there is a command line tool for patrol agent named patrolcli which can connect to agent and run psl commands which can trigger external scripts.

    user of patrol central console (or classic console) can trigger scripts via standard patrol agent's psl or OS script launch by context menu


    another option is to create own c-api based tool to launch scripts

  • 2. External script execution with Patrol Agent
    Garland Smith

    I believe you can use SENTRY Monitoring Studio to build a script-based custom monitor in PATROL.

    As someone else mentioned, you can use PatrolCli to execute ad hoc scripts, however, there is nothing

    inherent in that methodology that allows you to associate the script with a custom parameter (as can be

    accomplished using ProactiveNet Script Monitor).


    Alternatively, you can write a custom KM, however that requires development using the PATROL

    Developer Console.  I understand that the SENTRY Monitoring Studio has a wizard that allows you

    to do something on the PATROL side similar to what can be done using ProactiveNet Script

    Monitor.  However, I've never used it.


    Garland Smith

  • 3. External script execution with Patrol Agent
    Philip Albert

    Great, thanks for the information Rasto and Garland.

    I'll start reading on that.