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    Can Self-Service Priorities be defaulted to "Self Service?"

      Our Help Desk grid is customized so that if a work order is submitted with the priority of Self Service, it appears with a bold font and a yellow background.  This helps our help desk technicians more quickly recognize a ticket from "the field". HOWEVER, trying to get users to set priority as Self Service is proving to be a difficult task.  Equally difficult is getting the technicians to recognize anything not in yellow under the "default" technician. 


      I would like to set the default priority (and only choice) for Self Service users as Self Service.  Is this possible?  If so HOW?


      Another possibility is to exclude the IT department personnel in a grid view customization with a format rule, but I've not figured out where to further customize the formula outside the GUI selection interface.


      If there are any other options I'm not thinking about I'd be interested in know too. 

      Thank you.

        • 1. Can Self-Service Priorities be defaulted to "Self Service?"
          Cris Coffey

          I have done some digging and I think I have a solution for you. Work orders created by self service have a blank value for the OpenedBy field because they were not created by a technician. You can set up a grid view to show all work orders with a blank OpenedBy field and see all of these work orders.


          One thing you might run into if you use other modules like Software License Management, is you may have other work orders created by the system with blank OpenedBy fields. If so, add a second parameter to the grid view to show work orders where the Requestor is NOT blank. All work orders from Self Service will have a blank OpenedBy field and a Requestor assigned to them. Hope this helps.